Beautiful Gate Orphanage

Beautiful Gate Orphanage / Puerta Hermosa, officially opened on May 20th, 2012. We care for the abandoned, severely medically fragile special needs children by embracing them into our family as our own sons and daughters. Our prayer is to model and advocate compassion, justice, and proper care systems for these children with the parents  of special need children, orphanages and all of the people of Mexico.

img_6380Photo Gallery

We currently have four little boys and one girl under our care. Yet we are always receiving temporary babies as well!



img_6372Meet Marcos! His birthday is in December.
He is full of giggles and has the most contagious smile!

He loves being held and he loves his stretches too!






Meet Alejandro!
His birthday is on March 20th.
He is the sweetest little bundle of joy
whom we are blessed to call our little baby boy!









Meet Anselmo! His birthday is on March 8th.
He is a beautiful little boy who loves music of all types!
Eating isn’t one of his favorite activities but he sure does
love to be held!





Meet Manuel! Our oldest little boy has been with us since he was 7 years old.
His birthday is on May 5th.
He is a fun teenager who also very much enjoys listening to music.

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