Dejando Huellas (Footprints)


So why Footprints?

We want to help these kids leave behind a legacy. We desire to invest in their lives in such a way that they cannot help but go and invest in the lives of others. Jesus’ command was to “go out and make disciples” and that is what we desire to do with these beautiful children. Our desire is to see them become strong followers of Jesus Christ. May God bless them in such a way that they are fearless, and that they would also go out into the world to share His Gospel and impact someone else’s life by creating more disciples.

Durango en los Botes

Ensenada boat rides!




Our children’s ministry in Durango is focused specifically on approximately 70 children. We take these precious little ones on outside adventures where they get to experience first hand God’s creation, learn about Jesus, and feel His love.







Blessed with new backpacks and school supplies, they are now ready for school!

We also help the different families with the basic needs that they may have – without creating dependency. If we are able to provide families with backpacks and school uniforms then we will do our best to do so.There are also opportunities for people to sponsor children so that they may be able to attend school. We are building relational bonds- without creating codependency.


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Learning English!



The children of Durango love to learn! and for those who desire to learn English, there are now classes being given on a weekly basis. The students have begun with the alphabet and some verbs. No doubt these kids will one day be able to carry on a simple conversation in English. We are so proud of them!





Bible Studies

We are interested in impacting lives in such a way that only Jesus can be the answer to the change. For this very reason, every Wednesday night right after English class, there are Bible studies being given to all those who want to hear what God’s Word has to say. We are currently going through the fruits of the spirit (Galatians 5:22-23) and the children are very much enjoying it. We hope that these kids will truly fall in love with our Lord Jesus Christ and follow Him in their own personal walk.

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