Rancho Genesis Church Camps

Rancho Genesis Church Camps are like no other camp in the entire world! (that we are aware of anyway). Most camps are for their own specific denomination or para-church organization with many of the campers having come from “normal” lives and homes. Our camps have many different churches represented from both the orphanages and Mission teams. The children that we work with have been severely abused or on the edge of survival due to poverty. At Rancho Genesis we serve “orphans” and the children of the indigenous migrant farm workers and poor community. The “orphans” whose parents are neglecting the God given responsibility to care, love and protect their children, are allowing them to fall into abandonment, neglect, terrible physical or sexual abuse and even sex slavery. They have been rescued by Jesus and sent to one of the 160 plus orphanages located in the state of Baja California Mexico, of which 99% of the orphanage directors believe in Jesus as their Savior. The Jesus following orphanage directors, whom are the new “moms and dads”, have all volunteered and said “Send me Lord” to love and care for Your children!

More than memories, changing lives.


Half of the battle is now over with their rescue into a safe place and meeting their basic needs.  The next large battle comes as many deep emotional problems are hidden below their smiling, laughing faces.  Rancho Genesis desires to walk along side the orphanage directors, in being a place where the children can continue to heal from their pain in a huge variety of ways with Jesus’s love!  The Holy Spirit has led us to walk along side the niños for one week of their lives per year, creating a safe place to experience beautiful things emotionally, physically and spiritually through “Amigos” (Mission Team members) and Staff being the Arms of Love for Christ. The children are shown Christ’s deep, unconditional love for them by the actions of our staff and the amigos. They participate in devotionals, fun VBS activities, enjoy great food, they make warm memories and hear gentle words of affirmations that help them heal by softening bad memories of abuse with new loving great memories!

    Rancho Genesis is designed to be a part of the community of Jesus believers that He has gathered around them, in helping orphans through the emotional healing process from their abuse or abandonment. We pray that the experience at Rancho Genesis will plant seeds and a desire for them to receive Him into their hearts and come to know, worship and follow Jesus…..as He is the greatest healer! 🙂

We do a wide range of activities with the children during their week stay at Rancho Genesis. All of the activities are designed to support a child’s growth. The children are able to laugh, create, love, play, and learn in a safe area. Many of these children have missed out on some of the wonders that come with childhood. Rancho Genesis is a place to make some of those great childhood memories, replacing the unspeakable ones. As many of the orphanages where the children come from are in the city with little room to roam, we have elected to have the camps in a rural area where the ninos can be surrounded by God’s great and vast creation. During each week of camp, we also take the children on many outside adventures where they have the opportunity to see more of the great world that God has created.


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Mission Trips

Rancho Genesis is a very relational ministry and we invite you to be a part of it! Our goal is that each week a mission team comes down to spend the week loving on the orphan children one on one. One on one attention is something that many of these children have never had the opportunity to experience but it is so vital in their healing process as they begin to understand the great love that their Heavenly Father has for them. To find out more about mission trip opportunities, click here!

Genesis takes you beyond a simple vacation and opens your eyes to the greater human experience. Genesis provides you with more than memories, you change lives.

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