Mission Trips

Missions Trips

Our Church Missions are completely operated as spiritually enhanced programs for the Youth and Adult Ministries of Churches to benefit the volunteers as well as the children in Mexican orphanages.

  • On-going Relational ministry
  • The expert on orphanages
  • Based in Baja California, Mexico
  • Bilingual Mexican staff & leaders
  • Group spiritual program development available
  • Complete logistical support (relax, we can take care of everything)

We are an ongoing ministry of faith in action. We will change the way you and your Church look at youth missions, adult ministries, outreach programs, and even the work you personally do through your community, business, or special interest involvement.

Our Objective is born out of Matthew 25:40 where Christ declares: “inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you did it to me!” We wish to reach out to the orphaned and impoverished children of Mexico.

Your involvement is essential to sustain this ongoing ministry with your prayers, gifts, talents, and experiences. We could not give faith, hope and love as effectively without you. You become a part of these programs which push comfort zones, expand horizons, share life skills,  build self-image in these children, and show them God’s unconditional love.

Our summer camp programs provide opportunities for the children to experience physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual growth through exciting, learning and challenging  adventures and activities. We work with the orphanages and shelters in Baja along with guides, tradesmen, educators, artisans and community leaders to impact the lives of these children.

Genesis’ Goal is to use it’s extensive mission service experience with hundreds of students and adult volunteers to allow everyone involved to have their actions show what is in their heart and be an outcome of their growing faith.

Church Missions are custom built with a mixture of activities that fit your needs and those of the Mexican children. Programs can be adjusted for age appropriateness, skill levels, add-on excursions, food, housing, and the fitness of those involved. Genesis builds day, weekend or week long programs. Let us know what you may have in mind and we’ll help you build your own “Learning Experiences for Children in Orphanages” experience.

Genesis can supply custom spiritual enhancement themes to fit your group. If you would like a consultation on spiritual themes for your group our Director of Ministry will contact you. We will create content to help your group reflect upon Christian service and your role as world Christians. Themes will be selected for your group’s denomination, age range and depth of spiritual experience. Put our expertise in Church Missions to work for you.
“Looking back, it was without question the most meaningful and fun thing I did during high school. So, as you already know, all of your hard work is appreciated before, during and even long, long after the trip.” Lisa C.

It is our belief that faith, hope and love needs to be shared with family, friends and neighbors. The Mexican children that are orphaned by economical hardships, natural disasters, family dysfunctions, abandonment, and parental death need all three of the above in abundance. They are Mexico’s future problem solvers. They, like all children, should have the opportunity to grow in the safety and security of God’s love for them. Unlike the United States, Canada, or other developed nations that have thousands of governmental, private and community supported resources to help children, Mexico has very limited resources to help because it’s economic capacity is much smaller.

    This is why Genesis is here and

invites you to participate

     and help these children. Our goal is be able to conduct our programs on a sustainable and consistent basis for these children through adequate funding and personal involvement. Adequate funding will allow us to operate these programs locally and consistently with out the complete dependence on outside volunteer resources. This will give the children more opportunities to learn and the additional experience of sharing with others.

In addition to your help by participation, each Church Missions group can also serve further by bringing much needed supplies for the children. We suggest either an Education Care Kit or a Personal Care Kit. Of course, you are welcome to do both. To see a recommended list click here.

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