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Cristina Paz

Genesis Diez Ministries / Cristina Paz

My Scripture

Psalm 66:20
“Praise be to God, who has not rejected my prayer or withheld his love from me!”


Years Serving

Cristina Paz

Genesis Diez Healing Ministries Team

Cristina is passionate for God and enjoys the calling that God placed on her heart to serve and love others.  She is creative and loves to travel. She studied Art and also went to Christ for Nation Institute in Dallas TX and graduated with a degree in Christian Counseling.  After graduation, God placed missions on her heart and that is how she started her journey here in Genesis Diez.  She first came as a volunteer missionary for a year and gave her time and love to our niños in the Beautiful Gate Orphanage.  After, she shifted to serve with the Rancho Genesis camps for the Healing of Orphans.

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