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Rancho Génesis Ministry, Upkeep & Security

RG has been “hibernated” (a huge financial shock) due to COVID -19, to all but small amigo mission teams for construction, but the cost of RG ministry continues.

Rancho Genesis Church Camps are like no other camp in the entire world! (that we are aware of anyway). Most camps are for their own specific denomination or para-church organization with many of the campers having come from “normal” lives and homes. Our camps have many different churches represented from both the orphanages and Mission teams. The children that we work with have been severely abused or on the edge of survival due to poverty. At Rancho Genesis we serve “orphans” and the children of the indigenous migrant farm workers and poor community. The “orphans” whose parents are neglecting the God given responsibility to care, love and protect their children, are allowing them to fall into abandonment, neglect, terrible physical or sexual abuse and even sex slavery. They have been rescued by Jesus and sent to one of the 160 plus orphanages located in the state of Baja California Mexico. The Jesus following orphanage directors, whom are the new “moms and dads” have all volunteered and said “Send me Lord” to love and care for Your children!