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General Questions

How far is Genesis Diez from SoCal

Genesis Diez is about 3.5 hours south from Orange County California. Located about 45 min south of Ensenada Baja CA. We are located here:

Calle Ignacio Ramirez #127 Maneadero
Parte Alta Ensenada
Baja California, Mexico C.P. 22790

Do I need a passport to come back to the USA?


What should we bring on the trip?

A trip packet will be provided to the Mission trip leaders which contains 2 packaging lists:  a personal and a leaders.

I have special food needs, will that be a problem?

Not at all, prior to the trip, you’ll need to explain your food needs. Between our cooks and your packing some of your special foods. You’ll be lovingly cared for.

What is the minimum age requirement?

Our youngest mission trip participants have been 6-month-old babies!  Mom, Dad, and your team share with the love and care of your child.

Are Rancho Genesis Construction Mission Teams available?

Yes!  God recently has provided 40 acres of permanent land to build out an awesome camp for the healing of 2,500 plus “orphans” per year!

Is a Rancho Genesis Mission Trip safe?

Yes, we are locals living in Mexico staying abreast of the drug issues.  Rancho Genesis is located in a safe, private rural area & road with approximately 27 farmers and doctors as neighbors.  A small community that knows everyone 🙂

Can I serve a period of time at the Beautiful Gate Orphanage?

Yes, The minimum time is a month.  If interested please begin by filling out and submitting the application and forms on this link click here.

Do you need spring and or RG summer volunteers?

Yes, the minimum time for spring camps is 2 weeks. The minimum time in summer is 10 weeks. If interested please begin by filling out and submitting the application and forms on this link click here.

May my family and I come down just to visit the orphanage?

Yes, with prior notification and working together with our staff to build an agenda that works around their important schedules and fits your talents!

How can I support you on a monthly basis?

Thank you, please visit our donation needs page via this link. Click here

Call for more information

You have any other questions that were not answered here? Please call us at anytime and we will be happy to help.

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